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Cocke County Sheriff’s Office special deputy program also known as the reserve program has changed over the years and is much tougher to involve yourself as a volunteer. The state has changed several laws and regulations which include: 80 hours of training within the first year of your service (cost $100.00), completing a medical exam with your primary care physician (copay), a physiological exam ($250.00), and the purchase of the equipment to get started such as firearm and vest. We try to purchase some items to assist in the program but due to the full-time officers having such a limited budget, we must make sure that they are completely equipped. All other expenses must be up to the reserve or special deputy. This is unfortunate, but budget restraints are tough for all department heads. We cherish the ones that we have as they worked hard to get to this point and implement them as much as possible. We are looking at alternative ways to fix the budget issues to build this program in the future.

For more information about the reserve program or special deputy program, you can contact Lieutenant Chris Barnes at or call (423) 248-6308