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Cocke County Sheriff’s Office has been an active department since around the 1800s and has an estimated 458 square miles to patrol each day. There are an estimated 40,000 people in Cocke County, and you have 20 full time patrol deputies that must answer an average of 35 dispatched calls per 12-hour shift. We are proud of our agency and the officers that work for you. Under the strong leadership of Sheriff C.J. Ball, you will see a continued commitment to the citizens of Cocke County. We believe in community policing and building strong relationships and rapport with you. Between the Sheriff’s Office and, the Detention Center, we have 97 employee’s full time, and 8 part time employees. We are the second largest general funded office in the county. The school system is the first. The biggest expenditure for taxpayers is the detention center when it comes to the budget for the Sheriff’s Office. We are a fee office, so we generate thousands of dollars each year to provide money to the general fund.