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General Information:
Average inmate population: 165

We have approximately 25 trustee positions, but we try to work as many as possible. The positions are as follows:

Kitchen Staff, litter control, laundry, maintenance, custodian cleaning, cell trustees, and non-profit work.

We have 24 full time floor correction officers. The starting hourly rate for a correction officer is $13.85. You receive health care benefits, 1 week vacation after a 6- month probation period, TCRS retirement plan, opportunities to work overtime and gain comp time for hours worked over 43, and each officer gains 1 sick day per month.

We have several rehabilitation programs in our facility which include faith base education on Tuesdays, JCAP rehabilitation program, RU program, Helen Ross McNabb, West Care Tennessee, Rural Medical Services, and Cherokee Mental Health.

New Inmate Items: The only items allowed in for a new inmate are 5 white t-shirts, 5 pairs of white socks, and 5 pairs of white underwear. All items must be purchased new prior to entry and bagged in original purchase bag. All other items must be purchased from Commissary Kiosk. Money can be placed on inmates commissary accounts by visiting: https://www.accesscorrections.com/ or inmates phone accounts by visiting: https://www.inmatesales.com/#!/login