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Over the last few days, the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous complaints from citizens who say they have been contacted by a member of our office regarding missed court dates, missed jury duty, or that warrants have been issued for them. The caller goes on to tell them that due to Covid, they can pay the fine at a kiosk located within the courthouse. If they do not pay the fine, they will be arrested. The caller also states that the only way to pay these fines is with a prepaid card such as Visa, Green Dot, Money Pak, etc. During this timeframe, the caller will “start the paperwork process” to save you time at the kiosk. The caller will then give you a series of numbers that you need to write down, tell you the call is being recorded, and even has a police scanner as background noise. Although this sound legitimate, once the caller has received the numbers from the back of your prepaid card, the call is ended and he has your money. This is a scam and has no affiliation with the Sheriff’s Office, Circuit Court, or Cocke County Government. If you receive this call, please hang up. The Cocke County Sheriff’s Office will never call you and ask for payment for anything. Also, on the back of most prepaid cards, there is a warning that the card “cannot be used for payments like taxes, bills, loans, warrants, etc” due to this being an ongoing scam that has been around several years. Unfortunately, our county is now the target of their criminal activity.

Greetings from Sheriff Armando Fontes

Armando FontesIt is an honor to serve the great citizens of Cocke County as Sheriff. As elected Sheriff, it is my responsibility to manage a large department which is made up of seventy-five men and women. The Sheriff is responsible for a seven day a week, twenty four hour operation, meeting the needs of his community.

The Sheriff’s Department is made up of many divisions which serve the General Sessions Court, Circuit Court, and Chancery Court, and is required to maintain the Cocke County Courthouse. Our department has divisions such as: Patrol, Transport, Bailiff, Corrections Officers, Civil Process, School Resource Officers, Detectives, and Narcotic Investigators. We investigate criminal activity in Cocke County. We are involved in educational programs within the county and many of our employees are involved in local civic organizations.

Since being elected in 2010, my Staff and I have reduced crime drastically, implemented the first ever Narcotic Division, have saved taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, have been recognized by national organizations, and I have personally been appointed by Governor Bill Haslam to the Tennessee Corrections Institute Board of Control. I am honored to serve beside my Staff and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve this community as Sheriff.