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Q: What is required to issue an Amber Alert?
Please click here to see information from the TBI on Amber Alerts.

Q: Where do I go to take an order of protection?
You can take an order of protection in Circuit court or in Sessions Court.

Q: How do i take a Restraining Order on someone?
A: You must see an Attorney to take a Restraining Order.

Q: What is the Jail Annex phone number?
A: 423-613-9128 Ex. 36. Old Jail: 423-623-6239

Q: What number do I call to report an incident?
A: EMERGENCY DIAL 911. Otherwise, call Central Dispatch: 423-623-3064

Q: Where do I pick up my Sheriff’s Report?
Come to the Sheriff’s Department located on the first floor of the Court House.

Q: Where are the Court Rooms located?
A: Circuit and Session Court Rooms are located on the second floor of the Court House. The Chancery Court Room is located at front of the annex across the railroad tracks from the Court House.

Q: How can I contact a Deputy after office hours?
You may call Central Dispatch and ask for the Deputy to give you a call.

Q: What is the Difference between a Civil warrant and a Criminal Warrant?
A Civil Warrant is a Warrant that can be taken for unpaid bills or damage to property. A Criminal Warrant is a Warrant an Officer takes on a person who has committed a crime.

Q: Where do I go to pay a fine?
Fines are paid either in Session Court or Circuit Court. The Sheriff’s Department takes no monies for any unpaid fines.

Q: What is the District Attorney phone number?